Junior program

Junior program

Tennis Programs for Kids

We’re passionate about tennis and developing young players. We offer a range of programs to suit children of all ages and abilities. From students as young as 4 we begin by building their perceptual and motor skills, to later growing their confidence in the game through the nationally recognised ANZ Tennis Hot Shots program. We also provide a pathway towards professional competition should students aspire to play at the highest level.

Our professional coaches work within your child’s abilities to get them serving, rallying and scoring as soon as possible, so they can enjoy playing the game we all love. Our personalised approach to training ensures we keep our class sizes small, fostering each player’s individual development to maximise their potential – be it within a social or competitive setting.

From holiday clinics, group sessions, private lessons to tournaments and pennants, take a look at the range of programs we offer below to kick start your child’s tennis journey with Prime Tennis.

What is your Tennis Pathway?

Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome. Whether your goal is the world stage or personal best, the Prime Tennis Pathway will give you and idea of where you currently are in your tennis journey and where some of the directions can lead you.

Our holiday tennis clinics are built around fun, fitness and fast tracking your child’s skills. Sessions are held during the school holidays at Allen Park Tennis Club & Peppermint Grove Tennis Club, Monday to Friday with half day and full day sessions available.

The clinics cater for beginner and intermediate level players from 4-14 years of age. Children are placed into groups according to their age and abilities. Each day our coaches cover the basic fundamentals of tennis, incorporating fun drills and games in a relaxed environment. Morning tea is included for all participants (icy pole + oranges).

July Holiday Clinic Dates:

Week 1: Monday 1 – Friday 5 July

Week 2: Monday 8 – Friday 12 July

Week 3: Monday 15 – Friday 19 July

Half Day 9:00am-12noon Cost $50/day/child
Full Day 9:00am-3:00pm Cost $90/day/child (bring a packed lunch)

Pennant Training Clinic

Our pennant training clinics are the perfect lead up to the summer pennant season. Players will have the opportunity to play plenty of practice and receive technical and tactical coaching.

Week 1: Monday 1 – Friday 5 July

Week 2: Monday 8 – Friday 12 July

Week 3: Monday 15 – Friday 19 July

Half Day 3:30-5:00pm Cost $35/day/child

View our enrolment page to register your child for our upcoming holiday clinics.

Endorsed by Tennis Australia, ANZ Tennis Hot Shots is a fun and social way for young players 4 to 12 years of age to learn how to serve, rally and score!

Students use low compression balls and play on a modified court to build perceptual motor skills and begin learning tennis basics. At each stage, ball compression and court size increases in line with the development of the player. This gradual progression improves their skills, preparing them to play on a full-size court with a yellow ball.


Launch Pad (4-5 years) Fundamental and Perceptual Motor

Children are introduced to tennis through a fun and engaging format. Our goal is to develop your child’s fundamental motor skills, such as throwing, catching, striking, tracking, balancing and moving, so they can begin playing tennis as soon as possible.

Sessions run for 45 minutes with an average ratio of 1 coach to 4 children.

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Red Ball (4-8 years)

A fun introduction to tennis focusing on developing basic skills with the use of mini nets and larger red balls. Players will work on developing all of the fundamental skills of tennis including rallying, serving, coming to the net, scoring and competing (learning the rules of the game and how to score).

Sessions run for 45 minutes with an average ratio of 1 coach to 4 children.

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Orange Ball (7-10 years)

Our classes are perfect for beginners or players who have done less than a year of tennis coaching, covering tennis basics in a fun and friendly environment. As students progress there is a greater emphasis on the development of a sound serving action, rallying skills and point play.

Sessions run for 60 minutes with an average ratio of 1 coach to 5 children.

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Green Ball (10+ years)

Players progress to full court and use green balls. For beginners we work on basic techniques, while advanced players progress mastering higher technical skills, including hitting with topspin.

Sessions run for 60 minutes with an average ratio of 1 coach to 5 children.

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We run development groups for primary-aged children at several local schools:

All classes are held before school; you must be a student of the school to participate.

Please make sure you are familiar with our term dates

Cottesloe Primary School

Lessons are held throughout each term at Cottesloe Primary School.

Red Ball Lessons

Thursday Morning          7:45-8:30am  

Cost $175/Child

Iona Presentation College

Lessons are held throughout each term on the Iona Junior School Hard Courts

Red/Orange/Green ball lessons

Friday Morning          7:30-8:20am  

Cost $180/Child

Mosman Park Primary School

Lessons are held throughout each term at Mosman Park Primary School hard courts.

Orange Ball (Year 3-6) – Tuesday 7:40-8:40am

Red Ball + FMS (PP-Year 2) – Monday & Thursday 7:45-8:30am


Mount Claremont Primary School

Lessons are held throughout each term at Mount Claremont Primary School.

Red/Orange Ball Lessons

Tuesday Morning          7:45-8:30am  

Wednesday Morning          7:45-8:30am  

Cost $160/Child

North Fremantle Primary School

Lessons are conducted throughout each term at North Fremantle Primary School hard courts.

Red Ball + FMS (PP-Year 3) – Tuesday 7:45-8:30am

Orange Ball (Year 4-6) – Wednesday 7:40-8:40am


Scotch College

Lessons are conducted throughout each term at Scotch College hard courts.

Red/Orange/Green ball lessons

Friday Morning          7:30-8:20am  

Cost $190/Child

St Hildas

Fundamental Motor Skills (Kindy-PP) – Monday 3:00-3:30pm

Cost: $150 / Child

Lessons are conducted at the St Hilda’s Junior School Gymnasium.


Red Ball lessons (Year 1-3) – Monday 3:30-4:15pm

Cost: $180 / Child

Lessons are conducted at the St Hilda’s Junior School Hard Courts.


Orange / Green Ball lessons (Year 3-6) – Monday 3:30-4:15pm

Cost: $180 / Child

Lessons are conducted at the St Hilda’s Junior School Hard Courts.

Swanbourne Primary School

Lessons are conducted throughout each term at Swanbourne Primary School hard courts.

Red Ball + Fundamental Motor Skills Lessons

Tuesday Morning        7:45-8:30am  

Cost $175/Child

Our squad sessions are an extension of the knowledge and skills learned through the ANZ Hot Shots program. Students will be invited to join and grouped according to age and playing level.

Each session covers advanced techniques and training, including 30 minutes of match play. The match play component is designed to familiarise players with correctly applying the rules, focusing on scoring, tactics, positioning and etiquettes.

In most cases players will also be involved in the Tennis West Hot Shots League or Tennis West Junior League.

Our squads maintain high strict playing standards, however we do encourage players who would like to join to register their interest and apply.

Squads - Development

Once juniors progress and reach green ball competency they may be invited to join the Development Squad(s). The Development Squad is an invite only program for junior players who are committed to regularly practicing and playing tennis.

Squads - High Performance

The Prime Tennis High Performance Program is designed to develop players for National and International Competition. This Program complements and works in cooperation with the Tennis Australia National Academy and the Tennis West Academy.

Because our coaches are currently competing at the highest level in Perth we can create an environment for performance unmatched at any other venue.

All players participating in this program must have a high level of commitment and attention to detail as well as qualifying under the selection criteria. The selection criteria for high performance component of the program is detailed below.

Athletes that qualify for National Championship events are expected to participate in these events where ever possible.

The following is a guide for selection:

  • Athletes have played in National Championship events in 12/under, 14/under or 16/under (or equivalent Platinum Event) in the most recent 12 months.
  • Hold a minimum birth year ranking both State and National under the Tennis Australia Ranking guidelines
  • Have achieved State Team selection in either, Bruce Cup, Rod Laver Cup, Margaret Court Cup or Pizzey Cup.

Squads - Girls Only

This squad runs on Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday evening 5:30-6:30pm for girls only!


Thursday 6:00-6:45pm

The goal of these 60 minute sessions is to give players the opportunity to develop their athletic skills, specifically strength, movement, agility, stability and coordination. This session is suited to pennant players aged between 8 and 14 years old.

SUPERMOVERS is not a traditional tennis lesson of forehands and backhands. Becoming a SUPERMOVER will:

1) Improve your on-court tennis performance
2) Maximise your athletic potential
3) Reduce your risk of injury

Our fun and engaging curriculum includes the following components:


The goal is to create strong ‘tennis shapes’. These are the most common patterns that underpin all movement on the tennis court. Age and stage-relevant strength training improves performance and reduces the risk of injury.


The goal is to develop enhanced spatial awareness, which helps the player to read and react to the incoming ball.


The goal is to move with speed and intensity – forwards, backwards, side to side and multi-directional. Having the ability to move with speed and intensity to balls in all directions makes it harder for the opponent to break you down.


The goal is to develop static and dynamic balance. The more balanced the players, the more likely they can deal with shots of varying difficulty.


The goal is to develop movement efficiency. The more coordinated a player is, the more effectively they will move on the court. High levels of coordination help create the effective and efficient movement.

If your child is interested in getting more out of their tennis, then private sessions are the fastest and most effective way to take their game to the next level!

We offer private lessons before and after school for individuals or small groups of all ages. Please note all after school time slots must be booked for a minimum 8 week term.

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High speed video allows us to have a great awareness of our technique. If a picture is worth 1000 words, how valuable is expert video analysis for your game?

  • 45 minutes of stroke video recording from different angles
  • 15 minutes off court analysis
  • USB with all the shots recorded

Hot Shots Challenger events are run as part of the program for children up to 14 years of age.

These events usually run for half a day and introduce children to the concept of playing in tournaments, with a focus on having fun and gaining experience rather than serious competition.

Players should generally be able to:

Orange (10 and under):

Serve, either over arm or donkey drop from 3/4 court, and score
Have knowledge of the rules, requiring minimal assistance from parents/ guardians

Green (12 and under):

Players should be able to serve over arm from the baseline
Have knowledge of the rules, and be able to score their own matches

Yellow (16 and under):

Players should be able to serve over arm from the baseline
Have knowledge of the rules, and be able to score their own matches

CLICK HERE to see the next upcoming Hot Shot Challenge Event!

Allen Park Junior Tennis Club

CLICK HERE to sign up for Allen Park Tennis Club Friday Junior Club

Junior Club is run on Friday afternoons and is a great way for your family to start the weekend!

Tennis is at the forefront combined with a fun social calendar!

There are two sessions available depending on age and/or ability


4:00-5:00pm       (Red/Orange Ball)          6years-year3

Red ball (beginners) – Kids are placed into groups with coaches and activities are designed to facilitate play on the red court in a fun environment. Should have competency to start a point (donkey drop) and rally at this level.

Orange ball – organised match play on the orange court with coach facilitation. Should have competency with serve and rallying before playing at this level.


5:00-6:15pm       (Green/Yellow Ball)       year 4+

Organised games played on full court with coach facilitation. All children should be able to rally and serve to participate in Junior Club at this level.


All Junior Members are encouraged to enrol in term lessons and or holiday clinics during the year to develop the skills to participate at Junior Club

Peppermint Grove Junior Tennis Club


What: Juniors’ Social Tennis Evenings

When: Fridays 5.30 – 6.30 pm

Format: Organised social games, competitions, weekly prize and sausage sizzle.

Who: Players aged 8-16 years old

*Please note that this is pre-dominantly a match-play evening so players need to be able to play a basic level of tennis and at a minimum have a basic understanding of match play

Cost: Members – Free, Non-members – $10

Dates: Term 4: 20 October


Parents are welcome to come and relax with drinks available from the club bar while watching play

Saturday 9:00-10:00 am Orange Ball @ Peppermint Grove Tennis Club 

All players receive an ice pole after the match play session.

Cost for the season is $130 for 8 weeks and the season concludes with a hotshot challenge event.

To enrol CLICK HERE.

Tennis West Junior League

Tennis West Junior League is a club competition for different ages and abilities played on Sunday mornings against club teams in Perth.

The following league options are available:

  • Junior Mixed 13 & Under Orange Ball (3 Player Team)
  • Junior Mixed 13 & Under Green Ball (3 Player Team)
  • Junior Mixed 13 & Under Yellow Ball (3 Player Team)
  • Junior Boys and Girls 15 & Under (4 player team)
  • Junior Boys and Girls 18 & Under (4 player team)

The competition is played on a ‘Home and Away’ basis for 12 weeks. The older players (15/Under and 18/Under) play 1 x singles rubber and 1 x doubles rubber per match with the younger players (13/Under) playing 1 x singles rubber and 2 x doubles rubber per match.

At the end of the 12 weeks, there is a finals series.

There are Summer (October—March) and Winter (May—August) competitions with no matches during school holidays.

Junior League Registration Form

Price List

  • All prices are in AUD
  • All prices include GST

Principal Coach (1 hour)
$100 (1-3 students)

Senior Coach (1 hour)
$85-90 (1-3 students)

Assistant Coach (1 hour)
$75 (1-3 students)

+ $15 for any extra player (up to 6 in the group)

Junior Program

Red Ball – $190

Orange / Green Ball – $210

Development Squad – $260

Hot Shot Match play – $130

Holiday clinic single day – $50

Holiday clinic full day – $85

Pennant holiday clinic – $35

Squads (girls only) – $210

High Performance – enquire

Hot Shot Challenge Event – $30