Prime Performance

Prime Performance

The Prime Performance program is a high performance training environment that is located at Peppermint Grove Tennis Club. The program offers a comprehensive training structure for athletes who fulfil the entry selection guidelines based on player values, player performance and player potential. The Prime Performance program uses a holistic approach to each athlete’s development.

The Prime Performance training and learning environment is underpinned with the core values of Competitive, Coachable and Committed. Prime Performance coaches strive to provide a total experience from technical training, mental skills, and strategic skills in singles and doubles to team building, flexible scheduling and pure court time. Many of our groups have overlapping drill times, which we use to offer a wider variety of hitting partners for all ages, as well as to create a more cohesive, mentor-based program. And, since no two players are the same, we offer many training options for players to attend as they work towards their individual goals.

Performance Training Hours

Tier 1
By arrangement with the State Tennis Centre
Talent Development
Monday 4:15-5:45pm, Wednesday 5:00-6:30pm
Green Performance
Wednesday 3:45-5:00pm


Sam Chapman – Director of Performance



Selection Criteria

Players are eligible for selection by satisfying a set criteria. Please consult the coaching staff regarding updated criteria. The final criteria point is required for all Academy members. All athletes will be working toward a clear national standard. The following is a guide for Tier 1 selection.

  • Athletes have played in National Championship events in 12/under, 14/under or 16/under (or equivalent Platinum Event) in the most recent 12 months.
  • Hold a minimum UTR relevant to birth year.
  • Have achieved State Team selection in either, Bruce Cup, Rod Laver Cup, Margaret Court Cup or Pizzey Cup.
  • Dalkeith Tennis Club is the athlete’s Primary Training Venue. Any second training program should be an official Tennis Australia or Tennis West Training Program.

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