Cardio Cup

Cardio Cup!

The next Cardio Cup will be held on 13 December at Allen Park Tennis Club at 9:15am

How does it work?

Your team will send out competitors each round to compete in different play-based games to win points for your team.

A team consists of 4-6 players.

Order of events:

  • Champs and Challengers on Two Courts (as a doubles pair) – 4 participants from each team
  • Racket Passing Game – 2 participants
  • Flow – 2 participants
  • Shuttle Run – 2 participant
  • Around the world – 2 participants
  • Fitbit Cardio Tennis Triples (Queen of the Mountain) – 3 participants

1st  place in an event: +30 points

2nd place in an event : +20 points

3rd place in an event: +10 points


Throughout the day your team will be able to earn BONUS points from the following:

Best dressed team: +30 points

Good behavior: +5 points (compliments + compliance will net you good behavior points)

Bad behavior (including cheating): -5 points

Cost per team is $100

Winning team will share in a prize pack and drink from the cardio cup!

Bring down food and drink to share at your table for the morning.

*Creche will be available*